Which Trainings (Lessons) Should You Take at BTK Academy?

There are many beautiful and free educational video series on the Btk Academy website. With the statistics published in the last few weeks, interest in 1 million software developer projects has been seen. When he first published it, we wrote down the details in our article. see: Everything You Need to Know About BTK Academy Training Portal

During this time, many young friends whom I did not know have reached me via mail, comments and Instagram. One of the most asked questions from you is “Where should I start?” was the question. When a person finds himself in education so much, he says, “What do I do?” Now let’s examine both the trainings and which education you will use in which field for your decision making process.

Which Education Should I Take?

Yes, this is the last question asked, but there is a question that I have told you before and I find it difficult to answer in general: “What do you want to do?”

The reason I ask this question is that the area you want to progress needs training. So, if you want to be a mobile software developer, learning desktop software or web software can be seen as a waste of time. Although it is now possible to develop software in most areas with most languages ​​in recent times, it is still the preferred language in the field. How do you not need to learn English You can say that Google Translate is already enough. But if you learn and use that language, then you will become better able to grasp in the articles and communicate with those who speak it when necessary. Google Translate takes you somewhere. Here, the language you will learn with the same logic can take you to some extent on different platforms. If it gets clogged and has no solution, you will have trouble.

What is the Platform? What I call platform is the separation of web, mobile and desktop applications.


So Which Area Should I Choose? Which Field is Preferred More?

This question is a little difficult for me to answer. Because I do not know the competencies of people. After all, you can earn good money from these jobs, but you have to love it to move forward and be good. You have to be good at math. You have to be willing to fix confusion and unforeseen things. There are many reasons like these. Let me tell you from the beginning, not the professions you will choose just because it earns a lot. If you learn that I will make a project, the following situation will also arise there; Is it time to learn? or do you have someone else use that time for marketing or other activities? He may be asked questions.

Unfortunately, this is the subject of education, just as it is very difficult to do without loving Medicine or a different professional group. If you decide you will be a software developer, I suggest you to choose your favorite field.

For example, if you are someone who likes to play games and you are wondering, you can look at the trainings about game making. If you can use mobile applications and create ideas about them, then get training for mobile applications. This cyber security, web applications, desktop software It goes on and on. In other words, you should say what you are wondering, what you like to do, or if you have a predisposition, I will progress in that area.

I Can’t Choose The Area But I Want To Learn Help!

Those who are undecided about the field will come out too. But I recommend you to deal with it in a way that is forced. If you cannot decide, then I will immediately suggest a programming language with our emergency bag. This programming language is called “Python”

So Why Did You Recommend This Python?


Writing Python software language is a very easy language. It is a programming language that allows beginners to easily learn coding logic and to work on different platforms, and its popularity has increased rapidly in recent years. As a programming language that will be taught as a start in school after this year PythonThere was a transition to.

As it is an easy-to-read language like Python software, you can easily read the codes written by others. As a source, it started to increase in Turkish sources. You can also make this program language desktop, web and mobile applications. But as I said at the beginning, since it is not a desktop and mobile language, it will not be as effective as programming languages.

When learning this language, if you have difficulties or you do not like programming, do not continue my suggestion. Because other programming languages ​​are also used with the same logic and are a bit more difficult than Python.

I chose the area. Which software subject should we decide now?

If you have determined the area you will be programming, you can learn the programming languages ​​suitable for you from BTK Academy from the list below.

So, if you ask which fields are in BTK Academy; The list is also included here: https://1milyonistihdam.hmb.gov.tr/aday

The above fields are the areas where you can work on software. Of course, to advance firstly in these areas Introduction to Information Technologies Program you need to take it. Here you will learn the basic lessons you need to learn in programming.

What Do These Professions Do?

Here some friends will ask what these areas might be related to. So let me explain one by one.


  • Mobile Application Developer: Here are people who do applications such as e-commerce applications, news applications, social media, and some tools that we use on phones and tablets.
  • Front-End Web Developer: This area is a much needed area and uses the most basic software for programming. They are the people who design the space that the user sees and turn this design into code, such as a website, a mobile interface. So this section makes user interaction.
  • Back-End Web Developer: Background is developer. In other words, they write the software that processes the data in any software, presents them dynamically to the user, and uses the background in the background. For example, you made a calculation tool and wrote the values ​​in the boxes. The design of these boxes etc. While it belongs to the front-end, the work of taking these values ​​and using them in the account in a certain way and showing the result to the user belongs to the back-end section.
  • Game Developer: In this section, as the name suggests, people who make games.
  • Software developer: In this section, software such as back-end is developed.
  • Software Test Specialist: It deals with tasks such as testing the software, user experience and examining whether the software meets the demands.
  • Data Scientist: It is one of the favorite works of recent times. The data scientist deals with mathematical and statistical operations such as analysis, processing and evaluation of data.
  • Data Analyst: It is also the most popular profession of recent times and I think it will become even more popular in the coming years. It is he who creates queries and writes scenarios for the creation of data. Prepares data for the data scientist.
  • Big Data Management Specialist: Big Data as you may have heard. You may have data. These data also need to be managed. Here are the people who will manage the big data.
  • Machine Learning Specialist: You teach the software something with machine learning. You do this teaching with the data you have available and then you want the machine to make a prediction by entering different data or by giving the newly formed data. This machine needs to learn in order to make predictions, and the people involved do it with software and calculation tools.
  • Business analyst: The business analyst also analyzes what to do and how to do business, as the name suggests. Examines user experiences.
  • Project manager: If there is a job, this is the project and the management of this project must be followed. In this task, project managers ensure the coordination of the relevant units.
  • Network Specialist: There is a need for a network administrator on network issues that has been ongoing since the past. It works on issues such as management and operation in different networks.
  • System administrator: System administrators are responsible for managing a system that works with network-software and other factors. Operating systems, cloud systems, servers etc. it depends on the unit.
  • Database Administrator: There are databases where data is stored. They take part in tasks such as the creation, optimization and control of these databases.
  • Devops Expert: I don’t have a lot of ideas, J
  • Information Security Specialist: Works on issues such as the security of information, their accuracy, and the storage of information. In the new period, it has become more important with kvkk.
  • Penetration Test Specialist: The systems must be reliable in order to protect the information in the areas where it is kept in security and not to pass this information to third parties. Penetration testing specialists examine whether the systems are open or not, and there is an error that could expose them to any attacks.
  • Cyber ​​Security Specialist: Cyber ​​security experts are the units that take the necessary precautions to control the parts of all systems that may be attacked or all of them to remain active at the time of the attack, not to interfere with the work, and not to take any information out.
  • Malware Specialist: It is the unit that examines the malfunctioning software added to incoming software or systems, and preventing these malware from working in systems, preventing them from working and monitoring them.
  • Forensic IT Specialist: It is the unit that collects information and documents in order to take necessary actions about crime and criminals in the crimes exposed by informatics in these periods when the cyber crimes increase.

As you can see, I tried to briefly summarize the professions and what they do. You can take the lessons you need to learn according to the professions you will choose. What are the lessons you need to take from the 1 million million employment site career guide You can find it in the section. It will direct you to BTK Academy courses.

If you have questions or comments you want to ask, I am waiting in the comments section.

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